How To: Mix a homemade makeup remover & take care of your skin

Mix a homemade makeup remover & take care of your skin

One of the most important beauty tips to follow is removing your makeup properly at the end of the day. By using the right ingredients to take your cosmetics off, you will be able to avoid panda eyes and premature wrinkles caused by rubbing underneath your bottom lashes.
In this tutorial, learn how to make a homemade makeup remover that is just as effective as the store bought stuff, gentle and safe to use on your whole face. You will love how clear and soft your skin is after using this treatment. By using this recipe you will also avoid whiteheads or Milia because the mixture contains a toner, which removes oils from your skin after you have taken the makeup off.

You Will Need:
in a bottle mix these together in these proportions:
1/3 oil (something light like baby oil or almond oil)
2/3 toner (rosewater and glycerin, which you can either buy at a health store or mix yourself)

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