How To: Mimic Lady Gaga's Freakish Born This Way Afterbirth Look

Mimic Lady Gaga's Freakish Born This Way Afterbirth Look

How to Mimic Lady Gaga's Freakish Born This Way Afterbirth LookIf you caught the Grammys over the weekend, the most memorable (and scarring) moment was probably Lady Gaga's "egg-cellent" performance of her hit new single, "Born This Way". Surely, Little Monsters everywhere were fascinated when Lady Gaga came on stage entrapped in a large egg, which she claims was to simulate rebirth.

In an interview with Billboard, she said, "I was thinking about birth. I was thinking about embryos. Even my hair color was a washed out rose color that I had at the Grammys, it was meant to be a hair expression, an after birth."

And her look was pretty much the same as on the cover art of the "Born This Way" single. Crazy hair, dark eye makeup and black lipstick, not to mention the horns protruding from his skin. And guess what? There's already a makeup tutorial for this freakish Gaga effect.

Check out xBeingNEONx's video below, along with the song and a few clips and pics from the 2011 Grammys.

(2) Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" song, (3) Photo from her Grammy performance, (4) Lady Gaga's Grammy performance, (5) Lady Gaga on the Grammy Red Carpet (in her egg!)

Oh... and there's even some help for you guys out there who want the basic makeup look, though it reminds me more of Twilight than Gaga, with those huge sideburns and all.  Enjoy...

(1) Pic of the male Lady Gaga look. Video follows... (2) Video for the "Born This Way" makeup

via hitfix

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