How To: Matte Any Lipstick in Three Easy Steps

Matte Any Lipstick in Three Easy Steps

Let's face it ladies and make-up wearing gentlemen, cosmetics are freaking expensive. The only thing that is more expensive than makeup is super-trendy makeup, and nothing is trendier than matte lipstick.

If you're already satisfied with the lip shades you own, but want to have their matte counterparts without breaking your bank, you can matte-ify any shimmer shade in your lipstick shrine, courtesy of AlexandraGirlyTalk.

What You'll Need

How to Make

  1. Make sure your lips are moisturized and hydrated with chapstick. Since you're taking shimmer off, you'll notice when your lips are dry when light hits them.
  1. Instead of having to repeat these steps over and over again throughout the day, use liner to make your lipstick stay on longer. You can use the same shade of liner or a couple shades darker for an ombre effect.
  1. Apply lipstick, making sure the color is even.
  1. Put translucent powder on your ring finger and transfer it onto your lips. Once your lips are covered, pat your lips a couple times until the white of the powder no longer shows.

Little instills more confidence than looking good, and doing it on-the-cheap makes it that much better. Whether you're out at a party or a first date, you'll feel twice as flawless knowing you look great and have a couple extra dollars in your wallet.

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