How To: Match Makeup with Your Hair Color

Match Makeup with Your Hair Color

Hair color requires different makeup looks depending on the shade and color. In this video, Shiloe shows us how to do our makeup for any hair color.

Step 1 Brown or Black Hair

Generally, dark haired people have dark eyes. Play up your brown eyes with intense makeup. You can be heavy handed to bring out your dark smokey look with eyeshadows and lots of mascara. For lips, reds and plums look great.

Step 2 Medium Shades

Match your eye color to your skin tone. Eyeshadow palettes for brunettes work well with brown eyes. Go nude on the lip here.

Step 3 Redheads

Redheads look great with neutral or green eye shadows. Neutral lip color is best.

Step 4 Blonde Hair

Sometimes blondes get washed out. Use a bronzer for a golden look. Go neutral with a natural shimmer and brown mascara.

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