How To: Make your own homemade lip color with Michelle Phan

Make your own homemade lip color with Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan lends a few tips on creating your own homemade lip color. Now's the time to DIY at home, and not spend the bucks.

It's easy as pie! Just use vaseline and any eyeshadow, pigments or blush. Dont throw them away, turn them into fun lip colors! Customize the color to your liking! Yes of course, it's safe on the lips ( Most of your lip glosses are made from pure pigments anyways). So save money!

I use to play with my mother's eyeshadows when I was a child. I applied eyeshadow on my vasaline moisturized lips and realize I created my own blue lip color! It was an amazing discovery for me, but I realize I was not the only one who did this.

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slighty aggrivated you see. 3 seconds into this film i turn into a 12 year old boy drooling over this girl. Then to complete the situation I am listening to this happy upbeat music that makes me feel like she is some kind of disney character. Now how the heck am i supposed to sleep at night when im inlove at first site? Rediculous I say, absolutly rediculous!..

I really liked you video, regarding creating lip-gloss.
One can even use beetroot powder instead of that pigment, but then its shell-life would be small?.
Do u know any way by which one can create lipgloss/lipcolor with a little bit shimmering texture

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