How To: Make your nose look smaller

Make your nose look smaller

There's no need to get plastic surgery if you don't have the best looking nose. With a few simple tricks, you can make your nose look smaller without needing to go under the knife.

If you're looking for a picture-perfect nose, hold off on that plastic surgeon, and dig into your makeup bag for some tricks.

Step 1: Dab foundation on nose

Use a foundation one shade darker than your natural skin color and dab it on either side of your nose. Blend a lighter foundation on the bridge to downplay a wide nose. The darker foundation creates a shadowed effect on the sides of your nose to make it appear thinner.

TIP: Instead of foundation, use taupe or brown eye shadow to create the same effect.

Step 2: Apply bronzer on bridge

Apply bronzer along the bridge of your nose to minimize any bumps or hooks.

Step 3: Blend in concealer

Blend concealer at and just below the tip to make your nose appear smaller and slightly turned up.

TIP: For men, a brushed-back hairstyle is a great way for them to downplay their nose.

Step 4: Put makeup on eyes and lips

Play up your eyes and mouth with mascara and lipstick to draw attention away from your nose.

Step 5: Apply powder

Finish your look with pressed powder to minimize shine, which can draw attention to the nose.

Did you know? World War I soldiers with face injuries received rhinoplasty, or nose jobs. After the war, doctors who worked on these soldiers formed plastic surgery societies to further the field.

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