How To: Make your lashes look like falsies with makeup

Make your lashes look like falsies with makeup

In this video, "c" The Makeup Artist demonstrates how to make your eyelashes look long and thick like falsies using only your regular makeup. You will need an eyelash curler and two different types of mascara to give you a fuller lash. She recommends two mascaras that she uses. First, curl your lashes by pressing the curler as close to the eyelash line as possible. Clamp it down, count to five, and release. Apply the first mascara close to the eyelash line using a side-to-side motion, making sure to cover every lash. With this first application it is important to get right to the base of the lash line. Apply four or five coats. Then apply two coats of the second mascara in the same manner. Put a very light coat of this mascara on the bottom lashes.

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