How To: Make your eyes look like big doll eyes with Kandee

Make your eyes look like big doll eyes with Kandee

The make-up artist Kandee Johnson demonstrates how to create a cute look of big dolly eyes for Asian girls. The first step is to make the eyelid look bigger and lighter by using a white eye pencil from Sephora. The second step is to use a light-colored eye shadow from Mac, which needs to be applied all over the lid and under the eyebrows. Then take a black pencil and accentuate the outer corners to make your eyes look bigger and rounder. Start from the outside and work your way in to create a cat look. Afterwards, lock the make-up in place by using Mac products. For further effects, apply more black eye shadows to your eyelid area and smudge them. Apply some pink bronzer on the apple chicks, as well as a double-extension mascara on your lashes and curl them. You can also apply eye lashes if you want your eyes to look more dolly and open. To finish your look, apply some light pink lip pencil and lipstick from Hello Kitty.

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