How To: Make small eyes look bigger

Make small eyes look bigger

This video shows you how to make small eyes look bigger with makeup.

1. Put foundation/concealer on eye
2. Sweep nude eyeshadow over entire eyelid, concentrating on inner crease and brow bone
3. Sweep brown eyeshadow and apply to outer half of eyelid up to the crease
4. Press shadow into crease and blend
5. Apply black/brown eyeliner, concentrating on the outer half of the eye on upper and lower lash line
6. Apply white eyeliner to lower waterline
7. Use an angled eyeliner brush to apply brown shadow over black/brown eyeliner to set.
8. Smudge eyeliner along lower lash line slightly to soften the line and create a more round shape to the eye
9. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara, concentrating on outer third of upper lashes.

Do the same on the other eye!

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