How To: Make the most of your makeup

Make the most of your makeup

Oxford Jasmine demonstrates how to make the most of your makeup by using eye shapes. There's no such thing as a perfect eye shape. You can use certain techniques to reduce the appearance of certain features of your eyes. Eyes can be deep set. Jennifer Aniston has deep set eyes. If the distance between your eyes is smaller than the measurement of one eye then your eyes are close together. Victoria Beckham has close set yes. If it is wider, then you have wide set eyes. Eyes can be prominent if they are rounder. Angelina Jolie has prominent eyes. Cameron Diaz has small eyes. Paris Hilton and Madonna have hooded eyelids where the brow skin covers some of the eyelids. You probably have a combination of multiple eye shapes so mix and match the techniques to make the most of your features.

Make the most of your makeup

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