How To: Make DIY prosthetic horns, tentacles, and nose tips

Make DIY prosthetic horns, tentacles, and nose tips

Most girls dress up only one way during Halloween: With a suitably colored bra (green for a leprechaun, pink for a bunny, for instance) and teeny mini skirt in a matching shade, plus some sort of headpiece so people don't just think they're hookers.

But Halloween is about so much more than just dressing up like a slut and getting away with it. Check out this Halloween tutorial to learn how to create Halloween prosthetics like crooked noses, Devil's horns, and tentacles to make your costume truly spectacular.

A few simple ways to make pieces out of latex to take your Halloween costume to the next level.

Modeling clay works fine if you're going to paint it with latex, if you're going to use plaster using an oil based clay will work best since it doesn't dry. This way you'll be able to get the lay out of the mold easier.

Plaster of Paris works just fine if you can't get your hands on anything stronger.

Remember you DO NOT want to use your regular makeup brushes with liquid latex, it will ruin them!! Use the brush that comes connected to to cap of the product, or if it doesn't come with a brush use cheap brushes from the craft store (that you can throw away after) or sponge brushes.

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I'd really like to see you peel the latex off of the clay horn because that's the part that makes me a little nervous, because the shape is so odd that I'd imagine that peeling the latex would be difficult to peel while still keeping the shape.

What type of glue do you use to put it on your skin, and what if you want to put the horns on a head band, how do you do that?

I haven't watched the video yet because it's loading but primarily cosmetics like these that are applied to the skin are "glued" down with spirit gum, the actual latex, or some other type of glue that's non toxic to skin. For headbands, hot glue would work best and supported with a wire/dowel,rod sticking somewhat through the prosthetic onto the headband (so that it's held in place better and not solely relying on the glue)

Hey there! I was just wondering if you knew how to create prosthetic pieces for a cyborg character. E.G a piece for the upper back/shoulder and forearm, as well as a small facial piece. I'm trying to create a character for a short film I plan on making. Please make it an at least semi cheap way! XD

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