How To: Look like a broken doll for Halloween

Look like a broken doll for Halloween

Cover brows with wax or glue stick and concealer that is a lot lighter than your skin). Place some of the much lighter concealer under your eyes. Stroke concealer all over face for an extra layer. Apply full coverage foundation. Set makeup with powder. Use something that'll look very fake when done. Add cream blush product in bronze shade. Apply with finger to warm it up; apply to cheeks, forehead & nose. Use mineral type skin highlighter all over face. Paint on eyebrows with black liquid eye makeup. Turn them up on both ends. After deciding where to place your hole, draw a rough sketch (resembling an irregular star) with black liquid makeup. Fill area of irregular shape with black & set with black eyeshadow. Add a 3rd dimension to your shape with a little makeup in a dark foundation tone that is darker than your skin by shading between one or two of the shape's points. Draw some cracks around shape with black. With white cream makeup, paint under eyes to extend eye shape. Make a semi-circle of white beneath eyes. Take black liner & at inner corner of top eyelid, draw a line that starts here & goes down over corner of eye & then proceeds to create an outline around the white makeup applied under each eye. Apply false lashes on line drawn around white makeup. Use short stubby false lashes. Apply false lashes on top lid. Use extra long lashes. To glue false lashes in place using eyelash glue, apply some of glue to thin band on eyelashes & let it rest a few seconds until it is very sticky, then press the band to your lid, starting in center & holding a couple of seconds until it sticks & then pressing the lashes on at outer corners & then inner corners, each time holding the area a few seconds. Cover lips with a light shade of lip color before taking a deep candy pink eyeshadow & pressing onto lipstick dressed lips with a brush, creating a nice pink shade. Dab bright pink onto cheek. Put enough on 'broken' side of your face so as to not disturb the break created.

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