How To: Look beautiful on a road trip with functional makeup

Look beautiful on a road trip with functional makeup

It's post Memorial Day, which means one thing: Summer has officially kicked off! And less homework, stress, and exams means more time for impromptu road trips across the country with your best gal pals!

But a girl's gotta look hot driving around town (you never know when you'll meet a cute cowboy in Texas!), so learn how to get simple, functional beauty on the go with this tutorial.

This hair and makeup can be used for any trip. You will wear this hair as you travel and take it down for a "done" look. Your hair won't be messy.

Also, your makeup can be done quickly. You will look fresh-faced, awake and not overly done.

Additional tips: if you are in a car, leave your eyelash curler in the sun. When you get closer to your destination, test the temperature to ensure warmth and not heat, then use it to curl your lashes.

Keep cold water handy. When using your makeup wipes, dip them in the iced cold water for additional refreshing effects.

During your trip, if you are not driving do take a nap, but be sure not to press your face when napping. Try leaning your head back. This will prevent "bed" wrinkles and swelling.

Make sure to take small sips of water to keep hydrated. You will look more awake when you arrive.

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