How To: Line Arabic eyes with pink & purple eye shades

Line Arabic eyes with pink & purple eye shades

- First apply Urban Decay primer all over the eye.
- Put a piece of tape underneath your eye.
- The first color is the plain black color. Use a flat shader brush to apply it from the tape inwards.
- Create a sharper angle which is why the tape comes in handy. When you have less pigment on the brush bring it in a little bit.
- Flip the brush around, use the other side, and using a purple apply the shadow on the middle area over the black. Keep putting it in.
- Take a blending brush and blend it a little bit.
- Find a very bright pink color and get a little bit on the blending brush and start applying it on the outer corner just above the black. Then its just a matter of blending in where those two colors meet.
- Take the pink and make it go pretty much up to the brow.
- Use a softer pink and place it on the top going in right underneath the brow next to the nose.
- For the highlight use an off-white color and put it right in the middle under the arch of the brow.
- Remove the tape. Take a liquid liner and from the outer corner go diagonally down away from the eye to the left and to the right to make interesting angles. Don't follow the actual line of the lower lashes because that is not the idea.
- Use a sharp angle white liner to fill in the space under the eye around the black shape you made. Use a brush to pull the white out so it fades away.
- Put black liquid liner on the upper lash line and outline the color shapes with it. You can make the liner go far into the inner eye to a point.

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