How To: Keep your lipstick from coming off during kissing

Keep your lipstick from coming off during kissing

Isn't it annoying when you kiss your hubby and lose all your lipstick? I'm sure they aren't thrilled about suddenly wearing your shade either. Check out this video for tips and tricks on how to keep your lipstick on even when you are getting hot and heavy!
You Will Need
* Kiss-proof lipstick
* No-smudge, long lasting lipstick
* Waterproof lipstick
* Lip stain

Step 1: Buy kiss-proof lipstick
Buy kiss-proof lipstick to help keep it from coming off in the heat of the moment.

Step 2: Wear no-smudge lipstick
Wear no-smudge, long-lasting lipstick to keep from sharing your favorite color with the person you're kissing.
Avoid lip gloss.

Step 3: Wear waterproof lipstick
Wear waterproof lipstick that is formulated not to smudge or kiss off.

Step 4: Try a lip stain
Use a lip stain product or make one of your own. Let it dry before beginning a make-out session.

Did you know? Kissing benefits include breaking down plaque and relieving tension, and can help keep you looking young by toning facial muscles.

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