HowTo: Peel Back Skin to Reveal Your Inner Terminator this Halloween

Incredibly artfully done, KlairedelysArt's SFX Terminator makeup look creates the illusion of peeled back skin to reveal the Terminator beneath. Amazing Halloween look for a chick.

You Will Need:


one of the best costumes i've seen this year. great effect, amazing colors.

cool, felicitation

I wonder what it would have looked like if she used thin aluminum scraps for the machine look, pasted to her skin, instead of simply painted on. It's realistic as is, but imagine some real metal shine! Of course... there's always the risk of slitting your eyeball open if you fall and smash your face, or if you were to get into a fist fight.

yes, if seamlessly applied real aluminum would look awesome.

Fantastic! I admire your skill....

Awe man this is cool. Totally blows my paper batman mask out of the water.

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