How To: Get a smoky burgundy look with your eye makeup

Get a smoky burgundy look with your eye makeup

To do a different kind of smoky burgundy eyes look using Mac (or whatever you may have) start with a eyeliner base. It would be recommended to use a secondary base. To blend use a 217 brush up to the crease going back and forth. To get intensity on lash line get close to the lashes. It doesn't need to be neat because it will later be smudged. Using a 219 brush work it into the lashes and blend it out. Whip the brush off to fade the liner out. Using a 239 then take your burgundy and work it up from the bottom up to the crease. Use a 224 to work over it and blend once again. Blind the water line then go over the lash line with the stelo pencil or any other available product you have. Trace over and smudge again for intensity. Then you have it.

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