How To: Get rid of dark circles and apply foundation

Get rid of dark circles and apply foundation

Hayley P. shows her viewers how to apply makeup with a foundation brush to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. If you follow her instructions, you will reduce the appearance of dark circles and you will look more awake.

To start the makeup application process, you will begin with concealer. Take a tiny bit on the end of your ring or little finger and dab around the eye starting with the inside corner, being sure to include the lid. The concealer has a yellow tint to it to hide redness and even out the skin tone.

Then, squeeze a quarter-sized bit of foundation on the back of your hand. Using a foundation brush, which is flat, apply on face starting with the nose, work out and around to the forehead, and end with the chin and jaw line.

Hayley P. recommends Even Better foundation by Clinique because it covers blemishes and redness and adds a healthy, glossy shine.

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