How To: Get the Poison Ivy Uma Thurman inspired makeup look

Get the Poison Ivy Uma Thurman inspired makeup look

Poison Ivy is a villainess in the Batman comic books, a seductive femme fatale with poisonous blood and the ability to control plants. She makes excellent inspiration for a Halloween costume. Make you sexier and more beautiful. Hair: Poison Ivy is portrayed as a beautiful redhead, contrasting with the green of her outfit. Buy a red wig or use hair dye to dye your hair red. Body: Purchase a cheap green leotard, bodysuit, or swimsuit, along with 30 or so fake ivy leaves. Using a needle and thread, sew the leaves onto the leotard in a pattern that resembles climbing ivy. Hose and Gloves: Buy a pair of green pantyhose and a pair of short gloves that match the hose's shade of green. In the comics, Poison Ivy's gloves reached about midway down her forearm, but you can make them longer or shorter if you wish. Boots: Purchase a pair of green boots or short green shoes. Ideally, they should have a "V" pattern on top, similar to boots worn by Peter Pan. These are not necessary. Any green boots will do just fine. Use spray paint to color them green if they aren't green already. Makeup: Add a little makeup to complete the look. Uma Thurman's makeup was rather garish, but you can attain more subtle effects by penciling a few small green veins along the hairline and temples. Red lipstick is likely appropriate, too: Poison Ivy has the ability to kill with a kiss. After you follow these tips you will be the next Poison Ivy.

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