How To: Get perfect eyebrows

Get perfect eyebrows

This is one of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to eyebrows. Many women become overly aggressive when it comes to plucking their brows and end up with thin or almost nonexistent brow hairs. Unfortunately, eyebrow hairs can take months to grow back and, in some cases, plucked eyebrow hairs may not grow back at all, particularly after years of over plucking. Stop plucking and give your eyebrows a chance to grow back to their natural state. In the meantime, you can use a soft eyebrow pencil or brow powder in a color one shade lighter than your natural brow color to fill in any obvious gaps or bare spots. Thick eyebrows can be quite beautiful and are more stylish right now than their over plucked counterparts.

Avoid Bleaching Eyebrows If Possible

If you've lightened your hair a few shades, it may be tempting to attempt to lighten your eyebrows using bleach. Unfortunately, many women who use this technique end up with brows that are too light or are an undesirable color. If you use bleach to lighten very dark eyebrows, you can end up with orange or brassy tones which can be very unflattering. Eyebrows should be at least one shade darker than your hair color to give your face definition and avoid a washed out appearance and it can be flattering to have your brows up to two to three shades darker in some cases. Don't rush out to buy that box of eyebrow bleach just because you lighten your hair slightly. Avoid eyebrow and eyelash dyes completely since these can cause serious eye injury.

Learn To Pluck Properly.

Plucking should be kept to a minimum if at all possible, although most people do need some shaping. Your best bet is to visit a hair salon and have them show you step by step how to tweeze your brows to add shape while removing minimal brow hairs. You can then to touch ups at home as the new hairs grow back in.

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gosh! plucking, that sounds like it would hurt. i can't stand the idea of ever trying to pluck mine. they are naturally thick since i am African and well just grow and grow for days. they become really thick , i want the perfect arch with my brows and wish they would just stay that way. I've even considered laser treatment for my eyebrows, but that would be a bit extreme and i don't wanna be stuck with the same look forever. I like the way they are right now. wish they would stay this shape that I've trimmed them to.

see, thats me wit thee naturally thick eyebrows, slightly trimmed. love em!!!

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