How To: Get the Paramore "Ignorance" inspired makeup look

Get the Paramore "Ignorance" inspired makeup look

Lauren gives easy step by step instructions for makeup users of any experience level to create the beautiful look inspired by Paramore in their "Ignorance" music video.

-Start off with a clean face and fresh eyes. Apply a shimmery blush across the cheekbones and nose for a nice accented look for your cheeks.
-Using your finger, apply a dark layer of black across your entire eye lid fading it up and out into your brow area. Also, apply the black under your lower lid, again using your finger, leaving the inner third of your lower lid bare.
-With a dark purple shadow, use a medium sized brush to cover the black shadow in the crease of your upper lid and lightly across the entire lid. This gives a nice shimmer once it is completely blended.
-Gently, with a white pencil, line the lower lid to give a highlight against all of the black color.
-Curl your lashes and use a black mascara on both your upper and lower lashes.
-Line both the upper and lower lip with a light lip pencil and fill in with a similar color across the entire lip area.

With these steps, anyone can get same beautiful look as Paramore!

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