How To: Get My Little Pony inspired makeup

Get My Little Pony inspired makeup

This is a very cute look and if you like pink you will like it especially if you are a girly-girl that really loves pink.

. Step one you will use pink shadow and put it on your eyelids and next you will use a hot pink color and put it on your eyelids and blend it in the crease and a little above the crease.
. Next you will use the dark red color and mix it with the hot pink only on the lid.
. Next you will use white to blend up top above the pink you will use a orange color and put it around the tear duck and on the lower lash line.
. You will then use a brown bronze color and put it close to your lower lashes line.
. Next you will line line your top and bottom lashes and curl your lashes and put fake lashes on and put mascara on.
. Next you will draw on the pony design with black color and a really thin pencil.
. Next you will draw a rainbow on your right side above your eye brows and do any pony design you like.
. Next you will and paint your lips white with rhinestone.

This is a very cute design and get for pony lovers you could use it for a Halloween costume.

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That was wonderful, and I love "My Little Pony"!

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