How To: Get the Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" inspired look

Get the Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" inspired look

This is a cute look. Miley Cyrus is very popular and everyone loves her. This is a great look for going out and partying! Who wouldn't want to look like a famous person? Follow these steps and enjoy the look.

. First you will put foundation on your face, then brush your eyelid with a silver color.
. Use any brush and put the light silver color on your eyelid. Next, take any black liner and go under your eyelid.
. Next, take a blender brush and use a chocolate brown color and put it on the corner of your eye lids and blend it into a triangular shape.
. Next, use a darker color and repeat the step that you did with the chocolate brown color.
. Next, you will use a liquid eyeliner and line your eyelashes on both eyes.
. Then, you will line the bottom eyelids with a black eyeliner. Next, you will need an eyebrow brush and use the brown that blends with your eyebrows and fill them in.
. Next, use the blush that blends with your face. Next, use a cream color lipstick on your lips, and lastly, you will put your mascara on.

Follow these steps and you will look great! It is a very cute look.

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