How To: Get Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" big eye makeup look

Get Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" big eye makeup look

The world has gone Lady Gaga MAD! Run for cover! ... But run for cover in STYLE with this makeup tutorial by makeup master, Michelle Phan. In this video, Phan re-creates the "big eye" look for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video.

Obviously, Lady Gaga's eyes were worked on with GCI (computer animation), but that doesn't mean the look can't be re-created with the use of a little makeup. You can add the googly cartoon-like "big eye" look in a software program called After Effects (which is shown at the end of this video).

Makeup products that were used include:

Lots of Lashes
Lancome Artliner
Anastasia Brow Whiz in Medium Ash
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
Urban Decay Ammo Plus Eyeshadows
Sephora White Eyeliner
Rhoto V Eyedrops (these are the bomb!)
Shu Uemura Painting Liner in White
Afterglow Organic Mineral Blush in Tickle
Maybelline Pink Please Lipstick
Lens- G-201 Gray Max Pure gray

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Hey, can you please send me some info on where exactly of how I can order some circle lenses and the cute Hello Kitty case? Please E-mail me at Before 3/28/10 if you could please, thats my B0day and I've been beging me parent for them, the said I could (maybe) Have them if I got some info on how to get them. Thanks tons. Love ya. <333 :3

4 lashes!!!!!!! Do you know how long it takes me to put one one of those suckers?!

I don't know if I could wear four sets of lashes at the same time. I have smaller eyes.

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