How To: Get Kim Kardashian's Pussycat Doll makeup look

Get Kim Kardashian's Pussycat Doll makeup look

Learn how to get Kim Kardashian's Pussycat Doll makeup look.

- Take MAC's Metal X which is a cream metallic eye shadow and apply it with your finger all over the lid up to the crease.
- Take MAC's Pigment and God and put it on the lid up to the crease.
- Also bring it under the lash line.
- Take a flat angled liner brush and dip it into some black eye shadow and use it to line the lids.
- Get it into the inner corners and line along the lower lash line.
- Create a pretty long and thin wing from the top lash line.
- Clean off the liner brush and use a gold liner. From the corner of the water line drag it out straight.
- Take a white eye liner pencil and draw a white line underneath the black wing.
- Use Benefits She Lack and with a brush press it along the wings, in the inner corner, and wherever on the eye.
- While the sealant is still wet use it to press on that glitter.
- Take a bit of tape and stick it on to the back of your hand to get rid of some adhesive and then use it to take off some access glitter.
- Apply mascara.

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