How To: Get a jeweltone rhinestone look with your makeup

Get a jeweltone rhinestone look with your makeup

This video shows you how to get a jeweltone rhinestone look with your makeup. First, you take "Kryolan aqua color" and mix it with water, and apply the mixture to your eyelid. Next, you use "Jewel Blue" to cover your eyelid. It should look turquoise now, because of the base you applied. Next use the UV pink from the Kryolan UV Palette and apply that to your crease. Now blend the edges. Now you use fuchsia pigment and set it on the base of your crease. Next use a jewel tone purple eye shadow and blend it into the crease, on top of the fuchsia so that there is a nice blue-to-purple look. Now line the bottom of your eye with light turquoise eyeliner, then add iridescent purple aqua color too the bottom of your lash line. Now apply violet pigment to the iridescent purple. Now apply pearl "eye dust" under your brow. Apply the fake lashes and your eyes are done! "Foolish Me" is the blush you use. Apply to cheek bones. Next you mix, preferably on your hand, pink eye dust with pink lip gloss. Apply that to your lips and the look is complete.

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