How To: Get heartbreaker eyes with false eyelashes

Get heartbreaker eyes with false eyelashes

Julie713 explains a tutorial using makeup from Heartbreaker Cosmetics and she uses colors like Jaded,Tantalize and Sweetheart.

-The first thing we do is to prime the eyelids, this is done using Laura Mercier eye basics in Flax.
-Next, apply a color. She uses a dark eggplant color from Heartbreaker Cosmetics called JADED. The color is pasted on the eyelid a little bit past the crease and then blended.
-A fluffy brush is used next(here a MAC 224)and the brush is run along the edge from where the JADED stopped.
-The color "Sweetheart" is used on a brush and applied above the previous eyeshadow "JADED" and we need to smoke it up.
-The next color used is a highlight called "At Last" from the LOVE SONG collection. Pat it on and buff it up so that it goes next to the "Sweet Heart".
-"Jaded" is used again on a 219 pencil or any smudge brush can be used. Then, go underneath the lash line and make it smokey.
-Go back to "New Love" and use it on the 219 brush and apply it on the inner corner of the eye.
-If we need a metallic look take "Electra" and apply on inner corner and dab it on both inner and outer corners eye.
-To get a metallic shimmer on the eyelid take a beacon brush apply "Electra" on the center of the lid, dab and blend using a blending brush.
-Go back to the Jaded and pack a little more on eyelid.
-A black eyeliner is used to line the water line and the top lash line, smudge it using the ring finger (optional).
-Use Tantalize on the outer corner to deepen up everything also taken a little below the lash line and blend.
-A mascara is used next and the false lashes.
-The next step is to apply the cheek color, the one used here is one from TARTE. Apply it on the apples of the cheeks and work it out, blend using the middle finger.
-Then comes the color to the lips with the gloss.
-For contouring, the MAC Sculpt and Shape is used on a blush brush and applied on the hollows of the cheek.
-Finally a powder can be used (optional) to create a final look.

Get heartbreaker eyes with false eyelashes

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