How To: Get a Cleopatra inspired makeup look by Sephora

Get a Cleopatra inspired makeup look by Sephora

In order to create a Cleopatra inspired makeup look, you will need the following: lipstick, eyebrow pencil, blush, bold eye shadows, and false eyelashes. A high arching brow is essential. Arch the brow. Use an eyebrow pencil to make a dramatic eye. The brow should also be full and wide. A rich reddish blush is essential. Accentuate the high cheekbones. Eye shadows should be chosen for their drama. This is where greens and purples and blues can be played together. Apply large false eyelashes. The lips should be a deep red. It can be a plum red or a ruby red, but deeper and darker reds are preferred to finish this look.

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