How To: Get a chic & sophisticated look with light makeup

Get a chic & sophisticated look with light makeup

In this video, we learn how to get a chic and sophisticated look with light makeup. First, you want to prime your face and then spray brush on a foundation that matches your skin tone or is slightly darker. Next, set your face with a powder and lightly dust your entire face. Define your brow after this, using light strokes and a pointed brush. Next, apply a matte brown shadow into the crease of the eye using light motions and blending with the other eyeshadow colors. Now take a light shimmer shadow and brush it over the entire lid and on the lower half of the lash line. Next, apply eyeliner to the top and bottom of the eye, then smudge it slightly on the outside of the eye. Apply false lashes, then you will be finished with this beautiful look. Apply a dark pink lip stick for a more sophisticated look.

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