How To: Get a cat inspired look with your makup

Get a cat inspired look with your makup

May Paris teaches the secrets of getting a cat inspired look with your makeup in simple steps. First apply a black eyeshadow pencil to your crease and lower lash with tails stretching out. Apply a white eyeliner to your waterline. Now apply a gold color eyeshadow to your lids within the crease and a brown eyeshadow to the outer edges. Apply a white eyeliner pencil below your brows. Darken your crease with a black eyeshadow. Now apply a light yellow eyeshadow above your crease and a black gel to highlight the crease and lower lash. Apply any mascara and blush your face using vanilla pigment. Finally outline your lips with red pencil, apply golden yellow lipstick and a lip gloss to finish. Follow May Paris's steps and try getting your own cat inspired look with your makeup.

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