How To: Get a Bollywood bride inspired makeup look

Get a Bollywood bride inspired makeup look

Feeling a little Bollywood? Misschievous shows you how to do a look inspired by Bollywood artists and brides. You can achieve the look by following these simple steps! 1. Apply a copper tone eyeshadow on your lid. Sharpen the edge and go light as you bring it inwards. 2. Define the edge by applying a Cranberry tone eyeshadow following the shape of the edge and buffing it out as you go up to the crease. 3. Using a darker shade like Mac's Beauty Mark, draw a semi-V shape following your crease. It will look like you're connecting your lower lid to your crease and buff it out as you go further into the crease. 4. Apply a shade of gold just above the crease without going up to the brow line then blend it out. 5. Highlight your brow line and blend it with the gold above your crease. 6. Apply eyeliner on the upper lash line and make a short wing towards the outer edge. Line your water line using a Kohl eyeliner and smudge it with your lower lash line. Set it with a black eyeshadow. 7. Define your brow. 8. Contour your jaw line using a contour powder (or you can use a bronze shade of your choice). 9. Line your lips with a nude color and highlight your cupid's bow with a white pencil. Apply a red shade of lipstick and add a multi-dimensional look by blending it with another shade of lipstick. 10. You can apply false eye-lashes if you prefer. With just 10 easy to follow steps, you can achieve that dramatic Bollywood Bridal look!

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