How To: Get Beyoncé's sleek and straight "Sweet Dreams" hair

Get Beyoncé's sleek and straight "Sweet Dreams" hair

Beyoncé's sleek, straight hair from her music video for "Sweet Dreams" is a dream in and of itself, a romantic yet modern style that complements her gorgeous features.

Though her hair looks completely straight in the video, in real life her natural texture is curly and a little bit frizzy. If you have a similar hair texture, watch this tutorial to learn how to straighten and shine your hair like Beyonce.

You'll need:
FHI flat iron
Marc Anthony's Smooth & Straight heat protect Flat Iron Spray.

Section of the hair by clipping the top layer and work on the bottom layer first. Give the front pieces a slight curl by angling the flat iron down and then run your fingers through once the piece has cooled. Finish the look with a defrizzing serum to add shine and keep humidity out.

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