How To: Get Angelina Jolie's sultry "SALT" makeup look

Get Angelina Jolie's sultry "SALT" makeup look

Angelina Jolie is our hero. After all, she is a humanitarian, a loving mother of six, an Oscar-winning actress, and as of yet the only female actress out there who can play a usually male-centric spy role and be an action movie star without any sort of gender bias. Oh yeah, and she's the most gorgeous woman in the world.

If you want to look like Angelina Jolie (and really, who doesn't), simply take a gander at this makeup tutorial. You'll be guided through how to achieve Jolie's look from the SALT movie posters, which consists of sultry liquid-lined cat eyes and thick pale lips.

Dark cat eyes painted on with a paint pot in Jet Black by Shu Uemera, false eyelashes by Shu Umera, foundation primer and foundation by Laura Mercier
in Honey beige, eye primer by Laura Mercier in Flax, translucent powder by Laura Mercier, blush in plum rose by Laura Mercier, lipgloss in Opal by Laura Mercier, mascara by Bobbi Brown.

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