How To: Get an Alice in Wonderland inspired makeup look

Get an Alice in Wonderland inspired makeup look

This video shows you how to get a really cute Alice in Wonderland look. The steps are simple to follow.

(1) Brush eye primer over your eyebrows to make them less dark; put powder on your eyebrows also.
(2) Apply primer on your eyes so that your makeup will last longer.
(3) Apply a creamy white powder on your eyes.
(4) Use bright blue shadow and press in around the crease of your eye; use a white shadow and pat over the white.
(5) Use black eyeliner and go along the crease like you did with the other shadows.
(6) Do the same thing on the inner corner with black - it should meet at the top.
(7) Use white eyeliner and line your water line.
(8) Use liquid eyeliner to line the upper part of your eyelid - make a dash line and connect it.
(9) Use a black pencil liner and put under lower lash line, then put black eye under the same spot.
(10) Curl your lashes, put mascara on your top and bottom lashes, and then put on fake eyelashes.
(11) Put powder on your face; put bright pink blush on your cheeks and blend.
(12) Put pink lipstick on your lips, then put on your wig.

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