How To: French Twist Hair Style

French Twist Hair Style

Fashionably cool and awesome, this marvelous French Twist hair Style is as simple to make as it is elegant and stylish to flaunt. Just in few easy and accessible steps, this urbane style makes your appearance special and any outing memorable.

Step 1: Comb Your Hair Neatly to Remove Any Tangles and Make Them Smooth.

Step 2: Hold the Hair Together Like a Pony and Twist Them Till the Middle of the Pony and Make a Roll as Shown.

Step 3: Once You Have Secured the Roll, Cover It with Surrounding Hair and Fix It with Bob Pins.

Step 4: Add a Fashionable Hair Accessory to Accentuate Your Hairstyle. As You Can See This Awesome and Cool French Twist Hair Style Is a Special One to Carry and Highly Matches with Your Urbane Persona. So Try This Out Now for Yourself.

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