How To: Fill In and Control Your Thin Eyebrows

Fill In and Control Your Thin Eyebrows

Tame those unruly, thin brows! Follow this how-to to fill them in properly and keep them under control. 

Step 1 Fill

Use an eye shadow in a color matching your brow hairs. Apply with an angled brush to fill in sparse brows. Eyeliner or eye brow pencil work too. Use light strokes in an upward motion.

Example: CoverGirl's Eye Enhancers 1 Kit Shadow

Step 2 Control

To control your brows, use clear mascara or a hair wax. Take your finger and wipe through the brow. Use a spooly brush to brush to distribute the product through the brow.

Example: Fekkai's Coiff Nonchalant Piecing & Forming Wax or CoverGirl's Natural Lash Clear Mascara

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