How To: Fake full and voluptuous Angelina Jolie lips with makeup

Fake full and voluptuous Angelina Jolie lips with makeup

It goes without saying that superstar Angelina Jolie was born a bit...genetically gifted. Natural huge cat eyes, long black hair, a body to die for and those unforgettable beestung lips have made her one of the most beautiful women in the world.

But not all women were born with lips like Angelina Jolie. But you don't need pillowy lips to fake pillowy lips.

For those of you born with slightly thinner lips, we have a solution for you! Follow our quick and simple steps to naturally achieve the look of beautiful full lips.

Lip Liner
Lip Gloss
Lip Primer

Step 1: Apply concealer to cover lips
Step 2: Define lips with lip liner
Step 3: Fill in lips with lipstick
Step 4: Blend
Step 5: Finish look by applying gloss

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