How To: Fake a defined eye crease with makeup

Fake a defined eye crease with makeup

To really make your eyes stand out you may want to emphasize the crease in the eyelid with eye shadow. Dramatic eyes are great for going out at night and by using your darker shadow in the crease you will be sure to be noticed.

Adding definition to your eyes couldn't be simpler. With a few strokes of the brush and some careful blending, you'll have a whole new look.

You Will Need

* An eye shadow brush
* Light or neutral eye shadow
* Darker eye shadow
* Eye-makeup remover (optional)

Step 1: Coat your brush with shadow

Coat your makeup brush with the light or neutral shadow. Shake off any excess shadow by tapping the brush against a hard surface.

Step 2: Apply to entire lid

Brush the light or neutral shadow over your entire eyelid, from lashes to brow.

Step 3: Coat the brush

Coat your makeup brush with the darker shadow, making sure to shake off the excess.

Step 4: Define the crease

Starting at the outer corner of the eye, brush the darker shadow inward along the crease and up toward the tip of your eyebrow.

Dust off any flakes of eye shadow that fall on your cheeks with eye makeup remover.

Step 5: Blend to finish

With a clean fingertip, blend the darker shadow upward and outward until you cannot see any defined line between the darker color and the light or neutral shadow.

Did you know? Ancient Egyptian women used the green mineral malachite to highlight their eyes.

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