How To: Enhance your eyebrow shape by filling in sparse areas

Enhance your eyebrow shape by filling in sparse areas

Overplucked eyebrows never look attractive (just think about the shaved-off eyebrow chola look with thin lines drawn in to replace the natural brow), but neither do full on bushes.

Find a comfortable and non-scary middle ground by watching this video, which teaches you how to fill in the natural shape of your eyebrows for maximum arch and thickness.

Products in this video:

"Spiked" Eye browsCrayon by MAC
"Burnt" "Perfect 'B'" e/s by Pandoras Makeup Box
"Espresso" e/s by MAC
"Boi-ing #2" concealer by Benefit Cosmetics

SS195 - Concealer Brush by Sigma Makeup
SS266 - Angled Brush by Sigma Makeup
Duo ended brush - Angle brow #12 / Cream liner #9 by SMASHBOX

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