How To: Easily apply foundation to create the perfect base

Easily apply foundation to create the perfect base

In order to apply perfect foundation, powder, and concealer for a flawless look, you will need the following: foundation, powder, concealer, and brushes.

To have a good final product, it has to start with the right shade of foundation. Therefore, you must be careful to choose the right foundation for your complexion. For the best results, test your foundation on your chin line.

Add moisturizer to the skin. Touch the foundation onto your face in spots, first. Then, blend it in. Apply concealer after the foundation is on. Try using a brush to apply your concealer. Apply face powder. You may use a puff or a brush. Finish the look, by brushing over the entire face with a makeup brush. To set your makeup, warm your hands by rubbing them together and cover your face with them. The heat from your hands will set your makeup.

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