How To: Do Smokey Eye Makeup

Do Smokey Eye Makeup

There is nothing more stunning than accentuating eyes with smokey makeup for a special occasion. Here's a tutorial for you on how to get smokey eyes for a stylish evening or a sophisticated day look in less time. Great for beginners.

Step 1: Apply Base Coat

Firstly, prepare you face by applying the concealer and then the base. Concealer is going to help covering dark circles, blemishes or any other imperfection. To begin with eye makeup, start applying highlighter around the brow area.

Step 2: Highlight with Eyeliner

Once you are done with highlighter part, apply a fine line of eyeliner along the lids. Just wing it out a little using a fine brush to get outstanding look.

Step 3: Take Silver Black Eye Shadow

First of all, go on the lids' area and then smudge it properly with brush. Since smudging is very important step in eye makeup, it should be done properly so that it gives neater look. Apply a silver eye shadow over this and once again, smudge it properly and patiently.

Step 4: Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Define the Shape of Your Eyes

Then apply the thick layer of mascara to give volumanized effects to the lashes. This mascara has to be applied on both the lashes i.e. upper and lower lashes.

Step 5: Apply Kajal

Once the mascara part is over, use the kajal on the lower lid. Brush off the extra using a puffy brush.

Step 6: Final Step

In the end, you need to add more highlighter at the brow area and merge it smoothly to make your eye shadow more prominent and to get highlighted effects. Finally use eyebrow brush to give finishing touch to your eyebrow.

And this is it! Get ready to try it and get the ultimate stunning smokey eye look. Hope you found this video simple and interesting.

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