How To: Do simple, fast makeup for work or school

Do simple, fast makeup for work or school

With this video you can learn the few simple steps it takes to give yourself a beautiful look, no matter how little time you have.

-If your eyes look tired, or you didn't quite get enough sleep the night before, use eye drops to make them look more awake and bright.
-Next, apply a toner to refresh your skin and remove any excess sebum. To keep your lips moist, also apply a lip balm.
-For circles under your eyes, dab on an eye-moisturizing lotion to keep any lines or wrinkles from forming.
-To keep your face looking healthy, apply a moisturizing lotion all around your face and also use a sunscreen to keep out any sun rays that may be harmful. Also, it can also be considered a primer for your foundation.
-Apply a concealer in the areas needed. Under the eyes and on any blemishes may be the most common problem areas.
-Next, using mineral makeup, gently brush on the foundation, covering the entire face and blending as needed.
-If brow filler is needed, just use a stencil and apply the color to the thinner areas of your brow to give them a nice full look.
-For your eyes, use a peach liner. Line the lower lid to give your eyes a more open look. Highlight the inner corner and brow bone of both eyes.
-With brown powder and your stencil, line both upper lids. Then line lower lid with the color of your choice.
-Curl lashes and apply any brown mascara.

Dust on blush if needed with your fingers and finish off with a neutral color lip gloss for a beautiful look!

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