How To: Do a sexy yet creepy clown/doll look for Halloween

Do a sexy yet creepy clown/doll look for Halloween

Want to scare the living daylights out of all your friends and family this Halloween? Then dress up like a clown or a doll. Either one will do. Watch this makeup tutorial to learn how to get a "sexy" doll/clown look that's reminiscent of those creepy dool eyes crafted so exquisitely they make the doll almost look...alive (cue spooky music).

If you look in the mirror and scare yourself, you've done this look successfully.

Chanel Mat Lumiere - Porcelain
MAC - Pure White Paint Stick (PRO)
MAC - Azalea Blush
MAC - Vanilla Pigment
Guerlain - Liquid Eye Liner
MAC - Silver Aura Mineralize Powder
MAC - Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish EYES
MAC - Painterly Paint Pot
MAC - Feline Eye Kohl (or Smolder)
MAC - Cinderfella Mineral Shadow (Style Black)
MAC - 3D Silver Glitter
MAC - Blacktrack Fluid Liner
MAC - Gesso
MAC - Shroom
MAC - #44 Lashes (top)
Revlon - Lush Lashes (bottom)
MAC - Cherry Lip Liner
MAC - Saint Germain Lip Stick

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