How To: Do pin-up girl makeup

Do pin-up girl makeup

Kandee Johnson demonstrates pinup girl make (similar to Betty Paige or Dita von Teese). You'll need an angle brush, a fluffy brush, black liquid liner, black pencil liner, nude and pink / peach eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, false eyelashes and bright red lipstick. Start with prepared skin. Then take the light pink eye shadow and apply all over the eyelid. Deposit the most eyeshadow under the eyebrow arch. Then take an eyeshadow with some brown or tan in it to put in the crease of the eyelid to add some contouring to the eye shape. Next use a brown eyeshadow and shade from the outer corner inward to the middle along the crease. Use a fluffy brush to blend the eyeshadow. Take the black liquid liner and pull the eyelid taut. Lay the tip of the liner down where the lashes start to grow and create small feathery lines. To create a cat style look, pull the corner of the eyelid up a bit. Next use the black pencil liner to smooth out the liquid liner line as needed. Then take the black eye shadow and dot it over the line again. This steps sets the liner. Curl the eyelashes and cover them with one layer of mascara. Take the false lashes and place a small bead of glue on their base. Set the lashes on top the real eyelashes and hold them for several seconds until they are set. For the eyebrows, put a dark color of shadow in the eyebrow brush and start shading them in from the inside out. Define the arch well. Use a bright red lipstick and daub it onto a lip brush. Then fill in the lips with the lipstick. Once the glue is set, cover it with more black eyeshadow.

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