How To: Do an Outer V eyeshadow to lift your eyes

Do an Outer V eyeshadow to lift your eyes

This video shows how to do the "outer V" eyeshadow technique. All you will need are 2 shadows (1 medium/light and one dark), eyeliner, and mascara. First you must prime your lid using an eyeshadow primer or cream shadow. Now take the lighter shadow and cover the entire eye area in it, concentrating it on the lid. Next take the darker color and put it on your crease brush. Apply the shadow to the center of the crease, and blend a little of it inward, but focus most of the color on the outside of the crease. Blend upward and outward. the shape should somewhat mirror the shape of your eyebrow. Now start at the corner of the eye and blend up to form the other part of the V. Go over the color to darken it. Concentrate the color in the outer corner. You can also go over it with a larger, fluffier brush to help blend it out. For the eyeliner, apply a liquid liner to the top lashline. Extend it a little past the edge of your eye. Apply a pencil liner lightly to the bottom lashline. Now add mascara, and you're finished.

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