How To: Do modern geisha makeup

Do modern geisha makeup

First thing you've got to do is to clean your brows with the brow brush to clean the brows and the surface as well.

Second is you pick the stencil that you like the best or more so, fits your shape.

Place the stencil above your brows, make sure you are holding the ends of the stencil to keep the open part for the brows.

Now using your brush pick the colors you want from the kit you've bought, and using the brush pick your desired color, by mixing the given colors

Tap off the excess make up and apply to exposed part of the brows.

Repeat the steps until you've reached the darkness you've wanted.

Blend off the color using the brush.

After the colors use the spotlight to lighten the skin near your brows to give a highlight to your brows.

And lastly use the brows setter that works like a gel to the hair to keep it set.

All these simple steps and you're Miss Gorgeous!

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