How To: Do makeup like Lady Gaga from her "Bad Romance" video

Do makeup like Lady Gaga from her "Bad Romance" video

In this video, we learn how to do makeup like Lady Gaga from the "Bad Romance" music video. To begin, apply ivory foundation all over the face with a foundation brush. Now, blend the makeup out with a sponge then apply a finishing powder. Next, apply a pink and white eyeshadows that are both pale on the entire eyelid up until the brow bone. Once you get to the lid, put on a brown color to the upper eyelid above the white eyeshadow. Now, apply the white eyeshadow to the bottom of the eye and apply on your fake eyelashes. Apply black liquid eyeliner onto the top lashes to cover up any glue marks, then apply mascara to the eyes on the top. Under the eye, apply a very thin line of black eyeliner and apply a bit more white or silver eyeshadow. You are now finished and have a beautiful Lady Gaga makeup look!

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