How To: Do a Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love" inspired makeup look

Do a Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love" inspired makeup look

Learn how to do a Leona Lewis inspired makeup look with this video tutorial. The look is from the Bleeding Love music video and it is more of a "day time version" of the look. The look involves an all over foundation with bronzer dusted on top. A highlighting powder is brush on the top of the apples of the cheeks. A pinkish shimmery blush has been applied on the apples of the cheek and then and bronze blush is blended in from the apple, along the cheekbone, right into the hairline. 4 different shades of eye shadow have been used. A shimmery white all over the eyelid area and then this is topped with a metallic silver. Using a medium eyeshadow brush, the 3rd color of taupe is blended from the middle of the eyelid up to the eyebrow area. The last color is charcoal grey and it is applied with a small eyeshadow brush along the lash line and then in the crease and corner of the eye with a larger brush. The look is finished with a glossy bronze lip gloss. Watch this how-to makeup video and replicate your very own Leona Lewis inspired look.

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