How To: Do Katy Perry's Makeup & Hair from the Firework Music Video

Do Katy Perry's Makeup & Hair from the Firework Music Video

Thanks to Russell Brand, we now all know what Katy Perry looks like underneath all of that makeup.  Unfortunately, the photograph that Brand posted to Twitter isn't very flattering for Perry.  In fact, it's one of the most atrocious looking pics of Katy Perry ever!

But Katy Perry's fresh-out-of-bed face means one thing— everyone can look beautiful with a little makeup.  And if you're wondering how Katy Perry transformed herself from hellish to gorgeousness for her latest music video, "Firework", then you've come to the right place.

How to Do Katy Perry's Makeup & Hair from the Firework Music Video

Firstly, check out the official Katy Perry music video for "Firework" below.

Then, see how Katy Perry transforms from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, check out the Katy Perry makeup and hair tutorials below.

Katy Perry Firework Makeup from Cassie Lomas

Makeup artist to the stars Cassie Lomas, gives you her top tips on creating long lasting star-style makeup.  Having worked with everyone including Lady GaGa, Cassie now brings her easy to follow makeup tutorials to everyone who wishes to learn the secrets of good makeup. This tutorial explains how to get Katy Perry's look in her recent video, Firework.

Katy Perry Firework Makeup from Masquerade Makeup

This look from Masquerade Makeup shows you how to get a neutral look with a little glimmer of rock chick.  It also follows Katy Perry's makeup from the "Firework" video.  And this makeup look can be worn virtually anytime, anywhere.

Katy Perry Firework Hairstyle from Pursebuzz

If it's Katy Perry's hair you want, then Elessa from Pursebuzz has you covered.  If you want that loose-style curly hair from the "Firework" music video, then just follow along!  This Katy Perry hairstyle is simple and perfect for a night out, partying, dinner and any other occasion.

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Katy Perry looks a thousand times better with makeup on

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