How To: Do Holiday Make Up That Lasts from Day to Evening

Do Holiday Make Up That Lasts from Day to Evening

If you have a holiday party to attend after work, you want your day makeup to last and use as a base to add to for the party. In this video, Aida shows you how to put on a day face and then how to add sparkle for the evening, using just a few products.

Step 1 Eyeshadow

Start with an eyeshadow that has primer in it which will last all day into the evening.

Example: CoverGirl Shadow Blast

Step 2 Lip Gloss

Use lip gloss to keep your daytime look natural.

Example: CoverGirl NatureLuxe lip gloss

Step 3 Blush

Use blush for a little flush during the day.

Example: CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones contouring blush 

Step 4 Evening

Now it's time to punch up your makeup for the party. Reapply eyeshadow to intensify color and use an eyeshadow palette on top. Add some eyeliner and mascara to complete your eye look.  Reapply blush and finally, use a shimmer color on your lips. Now you are all set for your night out!

Example: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 4 kit shadows, CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner, CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting mascara, and CoverGirl Queen Collection lip color

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